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Our Teachers Really Are THE BEST!!!

Kirby teachers are really well qualified for the job. 60% of Kirby’s 43 faculty members hold advanced degrees, including 6 doctorates and 20 master's degrees.

Kirby teachers bring more to the classroom than just a diploma. Many teachers leverage their previous experience to enrich the class content. Does your child love science? Kirby kids get the opportunity to learn in a small class setting with a marine biologist! Does your child love to write? At Kirby, they'll have the opportunity to work with accomplished authors. Poetry? Gary Young is Santa Cruz‘s first ever Poet Laureate. And, there is so much more. Can you imagine better role models and resources for your children?

Our teachers are committed to the students and their craft. You won’t find high turnover rates or teachers working on emergency certifications. In many cases, Kirby faculty teach classes at the university level, offering students unique insights and opportunities.

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What Kirby Teachers Love About Kirby

Warm, Inviting Community

"At Kirby I have the freedom to teach the books I love to wonderfully curious and engaged middle school kids. I'm very proud to be included in the warm, inviting community of faculty, staff, parents, and students."

-- Emily Hose, English Department Chair, Middle School English Teacher

Safe Environment

"I love Kirby because there's a strong sense of community among the students and teachers. This is a school that's dedicated to helping students figure out who they are and how to take advantage of their unique combinations of abilities and interests -- a safe environment where each student's identity can develop and thrive."

-- Jordan Johnson, Math Department Chair, Math & Computer Programming Teacher

Creating Lifelong Learners with Character and Resilience

"Kirby is different from other schools where I have worked. At Kirby, the definition of success is broader, with an emphasis on creating lifelong learners with character and resilience - committed to living healthy, balanced lives, while also valuing academic achievement. "

-- Beth Riley, Middle School and High School Health & Wellness Teacher


"I love how the sports program has grown exponentially since we joined CCS five years ago! Many years ago, people would say 'Kirby doesn't really have a sports program,' but I'm proud to say that that just isn't true anymore."

-- Abby Christopher, Director of Athletics

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