Kirby Families Love Kirby, Santa Cruz's Best High School and Middle School!

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What do I love about Kirby? Let me count the ways!

Small Classes

"I love the small classes, teachers who care, short Fridays, great food, and a campus that feels like home. (I even know where the brooms are kept.)"

-- Brian

Warm Community

"Going to Kirby isn't just going to school; it is going to my community, my friends, the place where I can be me."

-- Adriana

Caring Teachers

"The teachers at Kirby are all very knowledgeable and willing to work with students and help them in their free time."

-- Sam

Great Kids

"I love Kirby because everyone's nice and welcoming, and it's easy to make friends."

-- Theresa

Lots of Academic and Extracurricular Opportunities

"I love the community, learning, acceptance, the fact that everyone at the school cares that I'm learning, and that there's lots of academic and extracurricular opportunities."

-- Dana

Individuality Embraced

"Kirby is a place where individuality is embraced, teachers and students become friends, and learning becomes a gratifying experience rather than a tiresome one."

-- Joel

Anything is Possible

"I've wanted Kirby to have a soccer team ever since I arrived as a sixth grader. Now it's finally happening. The sense of accomplishment is amazing. I love Kirby because anything is possible."

-- Eleanor

I Can Excel and Be Myself

"When I came to Kirby, I found I could be myself and still fit in with everyone around me. Teachers met my energy and enthusiasm with patience and encouragement. I could explore a problem, take a different perspective, and go beyond finding one solution."

-- Chris

Incredible Faculty

"I really love Kirby because of the amazing faculty. It's really phenomenal how I have gotten to know them all! If you're sick, it's always easy to catch up, and if you don't understand something you can just schedule an appointment with your teacher. I never thought I would end up discussing soccer tactics with my seventh grade science teacher or talking about the Giants with my English teacher. But at Kirby, nothing is out of the ordinary!"

-- Nicole

Kirby Teachers are There for You

"Kirby teachers are great and are constantly there for you to help with understanding the material and making sure you're enjoying the course."

-- Gillian

It's the Food!

"I love Kirby because the food is awesome!"

-- Kyle

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Kirby students respond to the question: “What do you love about Kirby?”

  1. Kirby is the best!
  2. I can't picture a better high school anywhere.
  3. I love all the opportunities to sing and play music.
  4. The Art Intensive Path!
  5. I love all the hands-on projects. It's not about memorizing. It's about gaining a deeper understanding of the material, thinking things through, and learning to work with my classmates.
  6. Mrs. Olsen's "Bible As Literature" class was tough, but I'm really glad I took it. It helped me understand the past and present conflicts in the Middle East and recognize the many biblical references in literature.
  7. I love starting my day with chorus. There's nothing like getting up in the morning and singing with a group of friends.
  8. The couches are really comfortable.
  9. All students should take Ms. Riley's health class in 9th grade. It provides a good foundation for high school and for life.
  10. Taking Spanish from Carolina for three years has been great. The highlight was making a Spanish language musical video. It's a Kirby tradition that every Spanish student looks forward to.
  11. Lis Bensley, the Kirby College Counselor, has really helped the seniors with the college application process. Her college essay writing workshop and her Common Application workshop made it much easier to get my college applications done.
  12. I'm in 6th grade and I love being on the IT team. If there's a problem with the computer network at school, we're the go-to guys. And I've learned much from the older kids on the team.
  13. I love playing on the ultimate frisbee team!
  14. Kirby has the best food of any school in Santa Cruz--or maybe even in all of California.
  15. The kids here are really great at Kirby. There's no bullying. Kids aren't picked on. They're respected.
  16. I love the small classes because I get to know my teachers well, and they get to know me and my work.
  17. I love the food!
  18. The teachers at Kirby are really nice, and they connect with all the kids. They're always there to help you.
  19. Kirby has the best history department! All of the teachers are knowledgeable, dedicated, and passionate about history. I learn so much from them.
  20. I like performing in school plays. I'd never acted before I came to Kirby, but MarNae gave me a chance, and I've never looked back!
  21. If you're really interested in something, but Kirby doesn't have it, you can create a club and invite people to join you.
  22. I feel totally at home here.
  23. I'm learning a lot. I work hard, but I don't have a lot of busy work. I'm happy that I'm learning how to write well. When I get to college, I know I'll be well-prepared.
  24. I love the view from the 3rd floor deck!
  25. Kirby has the best teachers!
  26. I love that I can always do my best at Kirby.
  27. Everyone here cares about the students and how we're doing.

Are you a Kirby student or Kirby grad?

Please tell us why you think Kirby is the best Santa Cruz High School!


How cool is this?

At Kirby, all students have the opportunity to compete in our Athletics Program, whether they're a skilled player or new to a sport. As a small school, our program is both competitive and inclusive. Talented coaches focus on teamwork, leadership, individual skills -- and of course, winning the game! Kirby's sports teams include: volleyball, soccer, basketball, track & field, mountain biking, cross country, ultimate frisbee, sailing, and golf.

INK, the Kirby newspaper, is published by students in Kirby's Journalism course. The newspaper has been recognized by the Columbia School of Journalism, the National Scholastic Press Association, and Quill & Scroll for its quality reporting.

Kirby teachers work with interested students to compete in various academic competitions like science fair, math, history, and foreign language competitions.

Students at Kirby always “dream big” and their imaginations are brought to life in countless activities and events. Some are just plain silly or fun. Some are educational. Some promote friendships and collaboration. Many contribute to our local or world community. To learn more about what they've brought to Kirby, click HERE.